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Etsy Team Update | Mailing List 101

on January 25, 2011

Back in November 2010 {I think} Etsy changed the way Teams are administrated and it involved some actions on the part of the Team Captain {Lisa Mueller of Sassy Glass Studio} and the members of the Team. Team members already listed on Etsy were easily transitioned, whereas any shop that had been added to the Team over the past year or so wasn’t actually on the Etsy list, just on the KCHST list. So all of the newer shops had to be sent an invitation to join the Team even though they were already on the Team. The problem was that up until right before Etsy made the Team change our Team information was not correct and I couldn’t make any changes. So I got all that ironed out in time for the big transition. If you have not responded to the invitation and/or rejoined the Team do so now, otherwise you will not appear on the Team list or be eligible to participate in any KCHST events. Please let me know if you have any specific questions {I tend to over-complicate things…}
Good news! The mailing list has been updated to include all of the shops that either migrated through the Etsy Team transition or who have joined the Team since November. If you are not currently receiving e-mails from Lisa@Sassy Glass then you are not on the list. We may need your regular e-mail address or you may not have accepted the invitation to join or rejoin the Team.
More good news! There will be a separate e-mail list set up for KCHST’s fans/friends/followers to receive our newsletter very soon. I would like to create at least a quarterly newsletter to keep people who sign up to find out more about us at our events in the loop.

So there you have it…a little update that will help everyone better understand some of the Team changes at Etsy.


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